Thank you for taking some time to learn a bit about me.

All that I cherish happened because a conversation was started with a beautiful woman and I had the good fortune of keeping that conversation going!  I feel incredibly blessed to have married someone who is smarter and funnier than me.  We have 2 great (to sometimes “barely good”) kids who keep us on our toes. Our home is around the corner from where my wife grew up.   It’s the kind of town where people like to come back to when they’re ready to raise a family.  And yes, her parents are still in that home.  I love watching my kids do stuff, my wife’s cooking, skiing and lots of other things.  I suck at cooking, being sick, and fixing things to name a few.  My kids do seem to enjoy watching me do stuff too: like yard work, house work, etc.  One of these days I’ll figure out how to get them to do that for me!  I’m open to suggestions.

That’s a bit about who I am.  What I do is I help people choose the right mortgage to finance their dream.  The best way to help people with this decision is to actually know their situation.  That starts with a conversation.   Some people are “Just the Facts” type and others like to get into their whole life story.  Either way, I’m happy to listen and ask questions so I can understand your goals and help you determine the best strategy.  I’ve been in this industry since 2002; starting out as a Realtor and transitioning to Mortgages in 2010.

If you are in need of a mortgage, or want to review your current financing, then I’m happy to start that conversation with you.

You may contact me here.

I look forward to having a conversation with you!

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