Thing #186: Cape May Jazz Festival

The Cape May Jazz Festival is going on right now!  This Festival is so cool, they have to hold it 2x a year, once in the Spring and once in November.

Flickr photo by Haags Uitburo

I haven’t had the pleasure of attending the Festival, but it looks like 3 days of great variety and fun for those who love Jazz, and for those who think they might.  Check out this weekend’s schedule here, and note that the events take place at different venues.  As someone who can’t even play the Kazoo in tune, I’m completely amazed at what folks with talent can accomplish.

I haven’t checked the availability of tickets, however if you’re interested the box office is located at 425 Beach Drive between Carney’s and Cabanas and it’s open on Saturday from 10a-10pm and Sunday from 11:30-2pm.  There’s a note on their site that says the Sunday ticket hours will be at Carneys.  You could also try the good old fashioned way and simply place a phone call for more information at 609-884-7277.

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Flickr photo courtesy of Haags Uitburo

Thing #185: Night of Terror, Mullica Hill

I’ve mentioned before how I won’t even go on a “Ghost Tour,” so it’s a safe bet that you won’t find me at the “Night of Terror” as well!  The “Night of Terror” has been awarded the People’s Choice for 5 straight years which tells me that it’s a popular attraction.

Flickr photo by Spiff_27

These folks are serious about trying to scare the dickens out of you; they’ve come up with 6 Haunted Attractions.  Apparently 1 or 2 is simply passe;-)  If this sounds like something you would like, you better hurry because the last night it’s open is the 30th of October!

What I think is hilarious is that the “Night of Terror” takes place at Creamy Acres Farms!  Those two names couldn’t be more juxtaposed if they wanted to be, nevertheless you still won’t find me there taking part in the “Night of Terror.”  The exact location is 448 Lincoln Mill Road in Mullica Hill.

For more information, click on the link above.  If you go, report back and let me know if it lives up to the billing.  I’ll be happy to “experience” this thing vicariously through you.

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Flickr photo courtesy of  Spiff_27.

Thing #184: Bridge Players Theatre Company, Burlington

The Bridge Players Theatre Company is entering it’s 35th season since being founded in 1976 by Girard Paolini and Joseph LeCerra.

Flickr photo by techfun

The entire cast and crew of every production consists of volunteers “dedicated to cultural development.”  Next up is their family Holiday production of “A Christmas Carol.”  There’s only 4 performance dates, November 27th and 28th and December 3rd and 4th.  If you can figure out the show times, then consider yourself a better surfer than me;-)  The performances are held at the Broad Street Methodist Church at 35 Broad Street in Burlington.  They can be contacted at 856-303-7620.

I’ve also highlighted The Ritz and the Broadway Theatre, are there any other theaters in South Jersey I’m missing?

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Flickr photo courtesy of techfun.

Thing #183: Halloween Parade and Fun Fair, Wildwood

This Friday is the Annual Halloween Parade and Fun Fair.  Your kids can do a “dry run” to see how that costume holds up and there’s nothing stopping you from coming in costume as well!

Flickr photo by artsy fartsy queen

Registration begins at 5:30pm at the “Greater Wildwood Chamber of Commerce office at 3306 Pacific Avenue.  Parade begins at 6:15pm at Wildwood and Pacific Avenues, Wildwood.  Fun Fair follows at the Wildwoods Convention Center from 7pm until 9:30pm.” For more information call 609-522-4546.

Moorestown had their Halloween Parade this past weekend and I know my kids enjoyed participating in that event, so if this Parade is near you, I’d encourage you to participate.   I’ve yet to meet a kid who didn’t want to show off their costume!

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Flickr photo courtesy of artsy fartsy queen.

Thing #182: Moorestown Deli, Moorestown

If you live in South Jersey, you have to have a favorite Deli.  Mine’s the Moorestown Deli.  Located behind Main Street, I’ve been enjoying this place for years.

Flickr photo by emdoylethemick

My favorite sandwich is their Italian Hoagie.  I judge every deli I go to based on their Italian Hogie, and while I’ve had others in the area that are good, Moorestown Deli makes my favorite.  They’ve also helped cater a couple events I’ve hosted and they did an excellent job each time.

If you’re in Moorestown and looking for a great place to pick up lunch (there’s no seating available) then head behind Main Street and stop by the Moorestown Deli.  They always have a special of the day and you won’t go wrong no matter what you order.

Moorestown Deli is located at 115 W Main Street #3 and they can be reached at 856-234-3113.

How about you, what’s your favorite deli?

Flickr photo courtesy of emdoylethemick.

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Thing #181: The Fletcher’s Corner, Cape May Court House

I didn’t realize that they had indoor archery ranges?!  You learn something new every day and in South Jersey we have at least one indoor archery range at Fletcher’s Corner.

Flickr photo by tony newell

When I was in High School we had archery as part of our gym class, which always seemed strange to me but it was still a fun thing to do during class.   If you’re looking for something unique to do, then you might want to consider stopping by Fletcher’s Corner at 212 Route 47 South in Cape May Courthouse.

Perhaps you’re stuck trying to come up with a  birthday party idea.  If so, they host birthday parties at Fletcher’s Corner.  I have to think that having a birthday party there, where your kids actually get to use real bows and arrows, might just put you in the running for “Parent of the Year.”  This certainly won’t be for everyone, but it’s a unique idea.

Fletchers Corner can be reached at 609-465-4949.

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Flickr photo courtesy of tony newell.

Thing #180: “The Rail”- Old Rail Tavern, Barrington

The Old Rail Tavern, a.k.a “The Rail,” is a classic local bar. Not much parking, not much fuss, but good food and good company.

Flickr photo by i saw the Sign

Some will say that the food is much better than good: they won the “King of the Wings” Championship at the Barrington BBQ contest according to a post on their Facebook Page.  Other reviewers have noted that they have the “Best Pizza in South Jersey.”  You can find a few more reviews here as well.  The common theme among the reviews is that The Rail is a great local bar.

What’s your favorite “Watering Hole?”  Do you have a great local bar that should be shared with the rest of us who love South Jersey?  Please feel free to share it in the comments.  I could use suggestions!!  I’m at 180 days straight of posting a thing a day and that only means I’m half done!

The Old Rail Tavern is located at 101 Clements Bridge Road in Barrington and they can be reach at 856-547-4522.

Have a great day exploring your world!

Flickr photo courtesy of i saw the Sign.

Thing #179: Pumpkin Festival, Cape May

This Saturday, the 16th, Historic Cold Spring Village in Lower Township will be hosting it’s 19th annual Pumpkin Festival and Share the Harvest Food Drive.  The event is sponsored by the Lower Township Rotary and will go from 10am until 4pm.

Here’s a bit more information from

Flickr photo by ~Asturnut~

Have fun with pumpkin decorating, hayrides, a haunted barn, food vendors and crafters.

At 12 p.m. sharp the Halloween Costume Parade will begin. Registration for this event begins Saturday, Oct. 9, at the Township Rec Center, 2600 Bayshore Rd., between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. on weekdays, 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. on Saturdays, and Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m.

Age groups for the parade are: 2 years and under; 3 to 5 years; 6 to 8 years; 9 to 12 years; and group/family or float.

For more information, call the Lower Township Recreation Center at 886-7880, ext. 0.

I’ve seen a few Halloween Costume Parades in my day and can say that they are a hoot.  If you’re in the area, I suggest you check out this wonderful event.

Have a great day exploring your world!

Flickr photo courtesy of ~Asturnut~

Thing #178: Ponzio’s, Cherry Hill

I’ve been to Ponzio’s a bunch of times, who hasn’t?!  I was checking out their web site and they claim that over 10,000 people have worked there over the years.  10,000!  Is there anyone in South Jersey that doesn’t know about Ponzio’s?  Or, more precisely, is there anyone in South Jersey that doesn’t know someone who worked there?  10,000.  That’s impressive.

Flickr photo by nickwheeleroz

Ponzio’s is so familiar to so many that I don’t think there’s much I can really add: most everyone will have their own story to share about the place.  You can find reviews on Yelp if you’re new to the area and have never been, or know someone that’s been;-)  One thing I can say, is that Ponzio’s is a huge Diner and depending on where you’re coming from you have to work a little bit to get there.  It’s located by the old Ellisburg Circle at 7 West Route 70 in Cherry Hill.  We do live in South Jersey after all and getting from point A to point B can be a challenge:-)

I’d love to hear your thoughts about Ponzio’s.  What’s your favorite dish or meal time?

Have a great day exploring your world!

Flickr photo courtesy of nickwheeleroz.

Thing #177: Ghost Walk, Mullica Hill

I’ve mentioned before how scary stuff just isn’t my thing, so the whole idea of a “Ghost Walk” seems crazy to me.  Why would I want to know which homes are haunted?!  That would simply freak me out: I wouldn’t be able to sleep for weeks if I went on a Ghost Walk!

Flickr photo by Rusty Boxcars

A lot of people don’t see it the same way.  For many they look at this as an adventure; as a way to learn something unique about the area in which they live.  Some people simply like to be scared or freaked out a bit; I imagine it can be invigorating.  There are a few towns that I’m aware of that do Ghost Tours, with Mullica Hill being one of them.  This Friday, the 16th Mullica Hill is having their Ghost Walk starting at 6:15 at 47 South Main Street.  The walk lasts about an hour and gives you the chance to “explore Mullica Hill’s haunted history.”  There is a $5 fee to take part in the walk which is sponsored by the Harrison Township Historical Society; you can get a bit more information here.

I’m curious to find out about the allure of these Ghost Tours, but I’m too scared to participate:-)  So, help me out and answer this question: What do you like about Ghost Tours?

Have a great day exploring your world!

Flickr photo courtesy of Rusty Boxcars.

Thing #176: Punkin Chunkin, Lumberton

After a fun day at Kirby’s Mill this past Saturday, I came back to my car to find a flyer asking me “How Far Can Pumpkins Fly?”  Strangely, I’ve seen a show about “Punkin Chunkin” on the Science Channel, so I know gourds can travel a long way.  What I didn’t realize is that we have our own Punkin Chunkin royalty in South Jersey: The Prickett’s Punkin Chunkers.  According to the World Championship Punkin Chunkin results, they came in 2nd in the Youth Catapult category last year with their “Gourd Sword.”

Flickr photo by jk5854

On October 23rd from 10am-2pm, Prickett’s Farm will be the epicenter for South Jersey Pumpkin Aviation!  The best part: the event is being put together to help raise money to fight ALS.   You can find out more about the event on their web site.  Here’s what the flyer had to say:

See the final testing of the catapult, called the Guord Sword, that the Lumberton Gifted & Talented Parents Group and their families will enter in the World Punkin Chunkin Championships held in Bridgeville, Delaware.  For a small donation, you may be able to launch a pumpkin yourself!  How far might yours go?  Enjoy hayrides, contests, great food, baked goods and drinks- all sales benefit ALS.

Prickett’s Farm is located at 186 Fostertown Road in Lumberton.  For more information you may call 609-265-8494 or visit

Have a great day exploring your world!

Flickr photo courtesy of jk5854.

Thing #175: Second Saturday, Collingswood

The second Saturday of every month Collingswood puts together a free event from 6pm-9pm on Haddon Avenue.  Much like the First Friday in Haddonfield and Moorestown’s Art Walk, Second Saturday in Collingswood brings out local artists and crafters for an evening of entertainment and shopping.

Flickr photo by Jeff Youngstrom

Unfortunately, I just found out about this a couple days ago by a fan posting about it on the Facebook Page which means I’m too late to take part of the “outside” portion of the event.  October is the last month the artists and crafters take to the street.  The good news is that the show goes on in the “form of ArtHouse Solo Shows at Yogawood and inside various businesses who host artists from November to March.”  The outside experience resumes in April.

How about your town, do they offer anything similar to these events hosted by Haddonfield, Moorestown and Collingswood?  If so, I’d love to hear about them!

Have a great day exploring your world!

Flickr photo courtesy of Jeff Youngstrom.

Thing #174: Comedy Cabaret, Marlton

I don’t know about you, but I like laughing.  Why wouldn’t I, it’s fun.  When I think back on the nights I’ve gone out and really enjoyed myself, they usually involve a lot of laughter.  So it would make sense to me to include a Comedy Club in the list.

Flickr photo by thegirlsmoma

Comedy Cabaret has clubs throughout the Philadelphia area with one located at the Casa Corollo Restaurant at 200 N Route 73 in Marlton.  According to their web site, they were voted “South Jersey’s Best Comedy Club.”  Although, they don’t source where that claim comes from:-)

They have Friday and Saturday night shows and if you scroll down you can see their upcoming schedule here.  I’ve watched “Last Comic Standing” in the past and remember Taylor Mason from a previous season.  He’s actually going to be headlining on October 15 and 16th.

I can’t say I’m a pro at going to Comedy Clubs, but I can say that they’re always a good laugh even if the acts aren’t.  How about you?  Is there a Comedy Club you like that should be on this list?  Or, do you have a comedian that’s your favorite.  I really like Brian Regan.  If you don’t know who he is, go to You Tube and search by his name.  One of my favorite bits is his “Pop Tart” act.

Have a great day exploring your world!

Flickr photo courtesy of thegirlsmoma.

Thing #173: Cape May Wine Festival

The Cape May Wine Festival is taking place this weekend from 12n-5pm each day at the Cape May-Lewes Ferry Terminal.  They bill this as the largest Wine Festival in South Jersey!  Here’s some information from their web site:

Flickr photo by Josh Kenzer

The Garden State Wine Growers Association will hold its annual Cape May Wine Festival Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 9 and 10, from noon to 5 p.m. when festival goers can take advantage of the warm autumnal weather to sample the award-winning wines of New Jersey, listen to two live bands, stroll through crafters and visit The Kids Zone which has activities especially for the younger attendees.

Twenty-three New Jersey wineries will be offering nearly 300 locally produced wines for sampling—all for just $20 a person. Among their offerings will be more than 50 wines that have won more than 80 awards this year at international wine competition including California’s and New York’s top events.

Here’s the link to their web site again which has all the information you need if you want to take part in this event.  If you follow this list, you night get the sense that wine is quite popular in South Jersey!

Have a great day exploring your world!

Flickr photo courtesy of Josh Kenzer.

Thing #172: Free Movie in the Park, Moorestown

One of my favorite Parks to bring the kids was Zelley Park in Moorestown.  It was really unlike any other Park in the area and it had such a great back story.  Zelley was put together by the Community for the Community.  Unfortunately age caught up with Zelley and it had to be torn down.

Flickr photo by Thaddeus Stewart

Now we have an opportunity to come together and create a “New Zelley.”  There’s a group of volunteers that are committed to creating a new experience for the next generation(s) of kids in the area.  You can find more information about what they’re up to at

One thing they are doing that should be a lot of fun is a Movie Night this Saturday the 9th starting at 6pm at the Ball Field at Fullerton Park.  They will be showing “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.”  You’ll be able to hear more about what progress they’ve made.  There will also be a DJ, free popcorn and free giveaways.  This is a Free event, however if you’d like to chip in and help create lasting memories for the next generation your support will be extremely appreciated.

To my knowledge this is the first time something like this has been done in Moorestown, so head on over and you’ll be able to claim that you were at the first “Movie in the Park.”

Have a great day exploring your world!

Flickr photo by Thaddeus Stewart.

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